How to arrange an office area?

Friday, 11 November 2016

Although the trend is changing now, being able to work at home is a privilege that few of us can afford. Many benefits are related to that decision, such as comfort or even the freedom to distribute the working time as we want. However, if you do not make the right choices in the allocation and management of your piece of work, you run the risk of being confronted with ‘’Work at home’’ disadvantages.

Select the location of your office

Above all, think about the privacy of your office. Although you have chosen to work from home, you would not be bothered by the interruption of your family members or any other kinds of noises, especially during the moments that require concentration. You must therefore arrange a room or a vacant room in your home that will allow insulation against noise and other stresses. If you have a garage, it might be a good idea; it would give you space and tranquility. For a profession that might require receipt of customers, consider a space near the entrance. Indeed, it is not very professional to make your guest go through your entire interior to your customers to get in your office!

Style and comfort

To maximize its effectiveness and be productive, it is crucial that your workspace is comfortable and ergonomic. It is not enough to content yourself with the first table and chair, so you should spend time on the layout of your work area. Make sure you choose a spacious place with a comfortable ergonomic chair, a screen sufficiently suited for long hours of work.  In terms of the organization of space, everything you need must be close at hand. The printer, scanner and other equipment that you need based on your specific needs must be stored in an intelligent way.

Tip: the lighting in your office is very important. For the comfort of your eyes we recommend good light, preferably natural, so avoid placing your office back at a window.

Enjoy and decorate!

Working from home does not absolutely say that we should overlook the aspects that an office must have. It is important to remember that the well-being feeling is positively affecting  your efficiency and performance. It is much more enjoyable and productive to work in a beautiful decorated room and taste. So have fun with colors. Blue and green for over concentration. If it's a warm, stimulating color that you like, go for the yellow or orange which will best meet your needs. They key is to find the right balance; no useless objects and decorative trinkets. Take care to choose a decorative theme that inspires the comfort and sobriety.

Tip: do not try too aggressive colors such as red, for example, go professional and use a nice design.

Follow these tips and you will enjoy working at home.