The facades give the tone!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Is the role of the facades only for weather protection and to preserve the value of the building? Indeed, the exterior facade, its shape and its color have always inspired different artists and architects.  More than any other area, the aesthetic facade is essential.

The environmental aspect

Keeping in mind the growing interest in the environmental issues and the standards that aim to protect it, most façade paints are now environmentally friendly. Concretely, the real distinction can be made on the composition of the binder the paint contains.

Technical aspects

The leading supplier of painting equipment Caparol in Switzerland, specializing in paints and techniques for insulation of facades, primers and impregnations, building protection products, offers us its advice.
It is important to remember several important technical aspects for a good final result. In particular, the color of the facades, which must take into account the UV radiation are very likely to modify the colors, or even the pollution coming from the fine dust that settles on the facades.

What color should you choose?

The shape of the building and its emotional connection with the color of its façade is an essential element and must not be ignored or even underestimate. It has a significant influence on its character and harmony.
The most traditional facades mostly require traditional tones and materials, whereas for more modern buildings it is better to use innovative materials or the creative use of usual elements, this gives a progressive effect.

Smooth or rough, hard or soft, reflective or matt, surfaces are also an essential element. Playing with  the colors, an expert can give interesting, impressive and innovative results. The choice of color is quite wide: light or dark color, aggressive or sober, mixture of shades. The trend today is in pastel and earth tones, but the darker colors are raising sharply in new façade concepts.

2 essential rules: the façade must combine global concept and environment but above all do not hesitate to ask your painter to perform a simulation from a photo of the house before any work. The painting of the facades is made to last several years and even decades!