Refine your terrace landscaping the exterior area

Friday, 03 February 2017

An evocative but very real title, in fact the exterior layout requires good technical skills and a wise eye to transform a simple terrace and create a comfort atmosphere. Cut hedges, mow your lawn and clean your garden dwarfs, have been excellent but not good enough to have an exterior design on modern times.

The exterior design needs attention!

To finally decide to arrange the exterior of the house or to remake the terrace is a good thing, but it must be prepared as it should be. It is a financial investment but also in terms of time, because the general idea must be thought in coherence with your interior and your budget. Without mentioning the possible resale of your property, indeed, it is an important asset of charm at the moment of the acquisition of a real estate. If, for example, the exterior decoration is not up to the rest of the house, it will be a negative point!

Choose wise your terrace style!

You finally decided to lay out your terrace. Perfect! But have you thought about the style that will interest you? Shingle, wood or concrete deck? It is very important to differentiate them, because each style has its technical particularities and advantages.

To put in value a terrace that is worth seeing, several solutions are available to you:

• A pebble terrace: Charming, it gives a little Zen to your outdoor and a significant advantage is that it is weather resistance.

• A wooden terrace: comfort, warmth, a wonder, it is always a pleasure to tread it barefoot especially after a good morning heated by the gentle rays of the sun.  A real happiness!

• Concrete decking: The main advantage of this model is that it requires fewer outdoor fixtures and will give the most modern style. Of course this will not necessarily suit all homes and decorations.

Keep in mind:  Your new development must match with your garden design furniture and  any other outdoor decorations

A shaded terrace?...why not?

It's a nice weather; it’s hot so naturally you go out to be able to enjoy it. And there, unfortunately, the heat is untenable! Under the effect of the sun's rays, your terrace has become extremely hot and it is not good to relax.

Do not panic, several solutions exist to make your little outer paradise a fresh and breathable place:

• A pergola: a classic, this installation has and will always have an incontestable charm. Lovers of modern and contemporary decorations will be able to install sails and drapes for a design shade but also to add comfort and privacy to the installation.

• A green roof: it is perhaps the most complicated to set up; the idea is to plant a good size tree next to your terrace. There you go! Unfortunately, the maintenance is demanding...

Ready for the exterior layout of your terrace? Go for it!