Tips and tricks for space use

Friday, 17 February 2017

An empty room with incredible natural light or maybe empty rooms without life despite many investments? When moving into a new home it is a common dilemma.

The difference between the buildings of today and yesterday is that in the past architecture was thought in its entirety, interior and exterior: woodwork and frames, reinforced doors, chopsticks, parquet refinements and moldings. This created a co-ordinated and homogeneous whole.

Now days, the new constructions are often created in a neutral way leaving an artistic choice open to each owner. Unfortunately, in return, we make an almost complete cross on the interior designs, capable of structuring the space. As a result, the apartments are filled with various and varied decorations. This is partly due to the fact that faced with a lack of radiation from a room, owners or tenants often attempt for a bad result, to solve the equation using what they can. The accumulation of various objects and decorations will very rarely make it possible to overcome the lack of structures of a room. If you have the courage and love the beautiful spaces, here are our tips and tricks to maximize the space of a room, reduce the time and money invested for it.

A bedroom with wooden touches finishes and framing sticks with fine woodwork, gives a very aesthetic and warm space.

Avoid at all costs bright colors, orange, red, yellow or blue. Choose instead of beige, olive or pastel tones, this will give an incredible appearance and comfort to your room. But be sure to always respect a golden rule to make the most of the space: the window frames must always remain clear!

Wide frames!
Give importance to your door and window frames, they can be the essential things for a feeling of space in your room. Large frames, in the same tones as the windows, allow perfect transitions. It is strongly advised to use the same principle with your doors.

What could be more warm and natural than a real stone wall? It is advisable to create one with natural stone, using cladding slabs with a raw appearance, on the contrary it is advised not to use imitations, especially of synthetic materials; the effect is an incomparable product.

A common mistake in transformation projects is to automatically replace the original beams with steel. We strongly advise the conservation of these, they help in the structuration of the space, bring heat, decorate the room and avoid the costs of replacements. If the effect is a bit too rustic, you can always pass a small layer of paint, preferably white.
High baseboards!
Nothing better to define a space with elegance than high baseboards to allow the transition between floor and wall with aesthetics, especially if they go in pairs with the frames of the doors and windows!